10 Symptoms of Kidney Failure


Kidneys, which are in the abdomen towards the back, are responsible for balancing electrolytes, creating red blood cells, and keeping your blood pressure in check. Their most important job, however, is to remove toxins from the blood. During kidney failure, the kidneys lose the ability to filter out these toxins, which allows a large amount of waste to accumulate in the body and messes with the chemical composition of the blood.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that kidney failure is a serious and potentially deadly medical condition, but the symptoms are often so subtle that it goes undiagnosed for a long time. Most patients with kidney failure have unknowingly lived with kidney disease for some time before they noticed changes in their body. Considering that fully functioning kidneys are essential for a long, happy life, it’s best to catch and treat it sooner than later.

Keep reading to learn about the top 10 symptoms of kidney failure.

1. Changes in Urination

The kidneys are constantly working to produce urine, so when something isn’t quite right, a change in urination is often the first symptom. The first change in urination might be going to the bathroom more frequently, especially at night. Also, be sure to note the color of your urine. It can range from dark orange to yellow to nearly clear. However, even for those who drink lots of water, urine should never be clear but should have a yellow tinge. Other changes might include bubbling or foaming urine. Others have noted that their urine looks as if it is boiling. Finding blood in your urine is another red flag that something might be wrong with your kidneys.

Changes in Urination