20 Foods That Help Unclog Arteries and Prevent a Heart Attack

Everyone knows that a strong heart is an important component to your general health. But in addition to your heart, you need to ensure that the entire circulatory system is in great shape, including the arteries. Due to unhealthy lifestyle choices, the arteries can clog up over time, causing inflammation and plaque buildup on the blood vessels. This can result in high blood pressure as well as serious heart conditions.

Many people with cardiovascular problems take medications to control them, but they can have undesirable side effects. By changing your lifestyle, you may be able to get off of the medications, but always talk to your doctor first. This list of foods can help unclog your arteries because they’re packed with antioxidants, fiber, and other nutrients that promote cardiovascular health. Try introducing these foods into your diet to achieve a healthier circulatory system.

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