30 Tasty McDonalds Menu Items From Around The World

No other Fast Food Chain has a stake in the global community like McDonalds. What makes them a key player is their ability to target specific markets and offer tasty items enjoyed locally. If you plan to visit a McDonalds in one of the countries below, don’t just stick to what you know. Take the opportunity to try one of these 30 unique menu items:

  1. Spicy Paneer Wrap

Location: India

For those of you in the US, you might notice a familiar item in this “sandwich.” The main ingredient is paneer, which is India’s version of cottage cheese (Two slices of paneer are deep-fried in a crunchy, spicy batter then topped with mustard, fresh veggies, and creamy sauce. If you are watching those extra pounds, you might want to think twice about this one…

Nutritional Value: 818 calories, 63g carbs, 52g of fat, 8g protein, 1850mg of sodium